Competition Spray Tanning

NPC/Amateur Competition Tan

$135 10 mins
  • Competition Tan (2-3 applications) Base cost night before show, top coat morning of show.
  • Additional applications $20 per coat.

Pro Qualifier or 2 Day show

$165 10 mins
  • Pro Qualifier or 2 Day Show (Recommended pkg for 2-day show)
  • Two-day event (Friday a.m. Prejudging and Saturday p.m. Finals) schedule your first coat Thursday evening.
  • The second and third (as needed) coats are applied on Friday morning before prejudging. You will then be able to rinse (DO NOT SCRUB) after prejudging and another coat will be applied Saturday morning (after 7 am). Touch-ups as needed. Time blocks will be provided at the time of FIRST appointment for remaining coats on Friday/Saturday.

Pro Athlete Package

$175 10 mins
  • Pro Athlete Package. Due to the color needs of a pro athlete, this unlimited application package is recommended.

Extra Coat Competition Tan

$25 10 mins
  • Recommended for those who have sweated off the tan.

Men Face Blending

$20 10 mins
  • Face make-up blend instead of the cost of a spray tan.
  • Cream make-up of brush used.

Tattoo Cover

$20 10 mins
  • Tatto/Scar Cover (size of palm or smaller)

"Seriously, hands-down the best spray tan that I've ever received on competition day!"

"I'll never let anyone else spray tan me for my competition.  This was an amazing experience, great color and the knowledge my technician has is second to none!"

"Thanks for everything! The tan turned out great. I appreciate you 🙏

"Thanks again for a great experience"

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